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is there a walkthrough for the endings? I need help finding them all?

Endings are all unlocked by the form you have at the end. So each combination of breast expansion vs giantess has a different ending, with all BE and all GIantess forms having two variations depending on a choice you make in the final scene.


demo doesn't work. it delets it self when not it says it cant proceed

I don't know, the PC version is working fine for me and I don't have a mac to check that one. Maybe your download got interrupted?

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cool story, but if you could help instead?
like i said, the file deletes itself. can't move it around. i can't open it.

and like is said i was talking about the demo..

I don't know what help I can give. There is nothing in the files that should cause them to delete themselves. I downloaded the demo and checked it  and it worked fine for me. NO one else seems to be having this problem so it looks like the problem is something to do with your computer.

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i got it running. i experienced an overachieving virusscanner, thx for your fast response, my apologies for the inconvenience

No worries, I hope you enjoy!

i found this on steam and i got it but i cant see the text and 1 of the part i cant do with out it crashing

That's unusual. I can't tell you what's going wrong - it is the standard Ren'Py set up so if those games normally work for you then this should too. You may want to apply for a refund.

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can anyone help with the 5th and 1st achievements I don't know how to get them. 

Those are achieved if you are at maximum giantess or maximum breast expansion at the ends and take the "eat your friends" option, respectively.

Love the game so far just wondering if the next update is far away

I'm glad you're enjoying it. However the game is complete and no further updates are planned.

can anyone help me with the 4th achievement I can't figure it out. 

BTW love the story

I'm so pleased :D! 

Fourth achievement is if you chose *particularly* poorly in picking who to give the older lady to when given the option. 

Thank you so much keep up the good work.

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HI Sukorupu,

Sorry about the difficulty, I have sent you a key (and fixed the discord link).

You should probably delete your comment when you see this to keep your email private.

Thank you so much again Heedless!

Wish you the best :)

Hi there I was wondering if someday we could get a android version and if not that's ok.

Ach, it's not very likely. Converting to Android is technically non trivial and my skill level is not high.

O joiPlay consegue suportar e rodar o jogo.

when we will have discount?

Here we go, summer sale discount!

yeah already i bought it before xdd

Okay, thanks!

Hello. I bought this game a week ago but I can't get it to doen load. Would I be able to get a refund? 

Yes you should certainly apply for a refund. That is handled by Itch customer support though and not by me. You can contact them at

damn i just searched and saw the discount it was on 16th may when will be next discount?

I don't plan these things out much in advance XD If you follow me/the game you'll get a notification when it happens!

What is the difference between


 paid version

The demo has about 25% of the game. Full content has more transformations, many more scenes and 5 endings.


Would it be possible for you to make a version for android phones. It looks like a really great game and it sucks that I can't play it, because I don't own a computer.

Sorry to hear that! There are some technical challenges for me to make an Android build that I am not sure how to overcome, but I hope to one day.


well if it was price drop for some time or just free for some events that would be great too

Already 100% the game and I loved it! Can't wait for more in the future :D

Thank you :D

Loved the game! Do you have an estimate date for your next project? Is there a way to support it

"Is there a way to support it"

By making kind comments like this :) 

But otherwise, not yet, no. A new project is in the works but I really have no idea when I'll have anything to show for it. Hopefully something this year, and hopefully sooner rather than later... but main job work is tough right now so it's going a tad slow

No worries, focus on yourself first and the game later. and when an opportunity arises know, that I wil be one of the first to support you ;) 


hope this gets a sequel, it was so much better than I was expecting, and there is certainly room to grow, Voronica is a fun character and I want to get her bigger than the dream sequence.

I am glad that you enjoyed it! It will not be my next project, but yes, I do plan on doing a equel!

If I had to say any negatives, it's that when you start eating full sized people, the belly doesn't communicate that you have a full sized person in you, it just looks like a bunch of tinies in there (the landlady scene specifically). And I was kinda disappointed that eating Sasha or the fox girl (I forgot her name) early didn't make new branches in the story, but were instead just dead ends.

Okay :)


 there any samesize ????

Yeah, there's quite a bit of same size in the second half of the game


you can add 100 girl character at all animal are different sizes


you do know you can add a pregnant into the game 

Hi, could I get a hint  how get ending two? I am completely lost XD. 

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No worries :) The endings are all based on the transformation combinations. So ending 2 will be 1 breast expansion transformation with and the rest giantess transformations

Thank you very much, kind sir :)

Hellow; Someone can giv me a tip? In trying to find  achiv n3

Sorry, there's a bug that will be fixed in the next update. Trying to minimise spoilers here, but that one is for if you don't let Sasha out in the kitchen. But it is currently only unlocking if you are on the double breast expansion route.

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oooh got it ty; It's funny cause I've tried that a lot of times but I think I load back the game so they're not counting. Well thanks again; Can't wait to see future projects; Keep doing great 

awwww i wish this game was longer but everything else was great :3


Haha! I kept to a very strict principal of zero 'filler' plus integrating plot with action in writing this. That did have an impact on length, but I am glad that you enjoyed it!!

Any chance of an Epilogue for this game given its various endings and all? 

There will probably be a sequel at some point, but I considered the present ending points to be pretty optimal for the current story.

Possibility of choosing a species or character creator for a sequel perhaps?

Phew, it's a difficult choice. Rendering assets is the majority of the workload. So say I give three choices, it means I've got to do three times as many renders, which sure, I can do that. But, if so, I could instead choose to make the story three times as long, or add three times as many transformations, or I can rely on sprites more and do fewer CGs....

It is all a balance and I can't say for sure how that balance will land!

Yeah i get that, its alot of work making something like this.

I really enjoyed the game btw, but was a little disappointed that there wasn't more "scenes" with Staria and also that the other characters didn't grow. Besides that though loved the game, the character models and facial expressions. 

Great work on the game, eager to see a sequel maybe starring Staria? :D

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Thanks! I will keep that in mind. Greater involvement of characters from different species would be a good way to increase diversity while also adding more scenes :)

Do you have any other projects in development? Your first game was really good and i would love to support your work.

Thanks! No, not yet, but I will! I'm taking some time first to rest, and then to really work out exactly what I want to do next.


when will the game be free?

please answer I must know, I am curious


It will not be. I don't want to run a Patreon, so this is how I support this work.

If I already purchased this game how do i download the updated version

Assuming that you don't have an Itch account, the link in the email that you were sent when you initially purchased it enables perpetual access.

My roommate and I bought your game after seeing a video on YouTube. It’s super entertaining and well thought out, we’ve been having a lot of fun!!


Thanks! Lol, well, YouTube was unexpected! I see they cut all of the nudie bits XD

I figured it was a waste of time for fetish game, but I suppose I should make a press-pack after all!

I am glad you are having fun!!

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for some reason, almost eating the cat is instinctually upsetting to me. I hope that never happens. or if it does, please tell me how to AVOID it. that scene made me take a break from playing, and honestly disturbs me. I don't mean to be pushy, but yeah. please?

Edit: that scene was actually more disturbing than I expected. I’m protective of my cat now. 

Hi, sorry you found that upsetting. The cat cannot be eaten on any route. Currently you can avoid that scene entirely by choosing 'Horny' instead of 'Hungry'.  I will also add an option to enable people to nope out if they find themselves on a path they'd rather not tread. Thanks for the feedback!

Gee, I was feeling sorry for Staria up 'til now. Oh well.

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I legit thought the game was free, but instead it's paid, I realized it's time to kill myself with the AK-47, make the game free or suicide will happen to me,

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Never judge book by it's cover I see. thought It wasn't gonna be good because of how uncanny it kinda looked but I was proven wrong. I guess I'm just used to a more cartoonish look in porn games? I don't know I'm weird, can't wait to see how this ends dude. worth $8.95.


Thanks for giving it a chance, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

Everything I wanted and more.  This rules!  Got my money's worth on the first three acts... but I hope that won't be all!  Yummy!

Thanks I'm glad you're pleased and will aim to make sure you continue to be!!


o ope this game soon will be free


How is 0.13 looking?


It's looking pretty good if I do say so myself :) At roughly twice the length of other updates it is taking a bit longer to complete than I wanted, but there is a good chance that I'll have it ready sometime this weekend!

How much big belly content is there? 

In the second transformation her belly grows to 'nine months'. This is shown in her sprite and all subsequent CGs. It will grow further with each additional transformation.

Why is the mac download behind in story progress?

I don't know what you are getting that from. They are the same build and I have now double checked that it is the correct upload. Both PC and Mac  versions of 0.1.2 have all content to date.

I have enjoyed the game so far. Keep up the good work. When can we expect the next update?


I am glad that you are enjoying it! Updates are intended to be monthly. I updated about a week and a half ago, so not more than three weeks.


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For maximum penetration I will add here that update 0.1.1 will break saves of the previous build due to a new gameplay option near to the start. You should start a new game and use the 'Skip' button at the bottom of the screen to bring yourself to your current progress point. This will only take about 2 minutes. I will try to avoid having it happen again.

Hello, after completing the game I have run into a big issue I got which is that the choices don't seem to impact anything besides how your character looks like. It is written that you are what you eat, it seems like you don't have a choice on who to eat at all. Another issue is the Main Character is... kind of a bitch really. First, she is like "I am sorry" but not really once she gets her first pray. Maybe that changes? But yeah the choices didn't seem to matter if you were chewing or just swallowing.

Another thing is that Gallery broke by the looks of it.

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Hi Kyren! Gallery and Achievements have not yet been implemented at this stage of development. The transformations begin to affect how you interact with the world and that impact will be greater as they get more extreme. 

And, I mean, yes, I can't exactly fault that assessment of her character.

edit: Thanks very much for your comment and review by the way!

No problem! If possible maybe a romance path with Sasha? Kind of hot with what I saw.

Yeah, for sure, there will definitely be further developments to their relationship!

I want to primarily eat dudes,is there ever a instance in the game where I can just do my job as a removalist without progressing the main story.Like venture around the house on my own and pick people up and leave to other locations when I like? 

I have considered doing future projects with a free roam element, but this one will be straight VN style.